On the farm

Dairy farming was first introduced to Wheelbirks in 1925, when Colin Richardson recognised a market for locally produced, top quality milk. The Wheelbirks herd of pedigree Jerseys are the oldest established and the only pedigree herd in Northumberland.

The dairy farming methods have been passed down through the generations and present owners, brothers Tom and Hugh Richardson, still maintain the same high standards of the family line.

Unpasteurised milk
The Jersey dairy herd at Wheelbirks, now comprising of over 120 cows, produce Jersey milk that’s hugely popular with people looking for a wholesome, nutritious start to their day, and now these qualities are being put to good use at Wheelbirks.

For more information on unpasteurised milk, please see below.

Milk is available from the Parlour, during opening hours. If you have a large order of milk, or wish to check we have the milk quantities you require available please call Tom on: 07950 029 347. 
£1.25 for 1 litre bottle
£2.30 for 2 litre bottle

Tree surgery
Tom Richardson is a qualified and fully insured tree surgeon – with over 18 years experience, he has also completed the Arial Rescue Certificate. No job is too small and Tom offers a free, no-obligation quote. He can offer advice on pruning, removal of whole or part trees, crown thinning and shaping, at very competitive prices. Where necessary, he will also carry out checks into tree preservation orders.

We sell well seasoned hardwood and softwood logs.
£3.50 per bag from the porchway of the Parlour or £70 for a dump bag, including local delivery.
To order logs please call Tom on 07950 029347.

Why unpasteurised milk is so good for you...
Pasteurisation is the process of heating milk to a high temperature in order to kill potential pathogens that were thought to be found in milk.
Our milk here at Wheelbirks does not undergo this
process, which does not mean it is unsafe, as many of the beneficial nutritional factors found naturally in milk are therefore not destroyed. This milk is referred to as unpasteurised or raw.
What are the benefits?
Raw milk contains an abundance of 100% biologically available nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Pasteurisation can change the protein structures of these components into forms that body cannot use.
Studies show that children who drink unpasteurised milk have a lower prevalence of food allergies, hay fever, asthma and eczema . Raw milk also contains growth factors and calcium, vital for child development.
Unpasteurised milk contains beneficial bacteria which are essential for the body’s digestive and immune systems. “Pro-biotic” drinks are very popular, but drinking raw milk is a superior and completely natural alternative.
Unpasteurised milk contains natural antibacterial
properties which boost your immunity.

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